MicroCut is precision cutting and probably the most challenging manufacturing process in the emergence?? of SMT-Präzisionsfeinrohren.

Here, your quality checks will be provided a really good mood just as for the fitter who will carry out the processing later on. The first tube cutting of the first batch will be just as beautiful as the second and the third cuts. The twenty-four thousandth and ninety-five thousandth tubes will be as precise as the three hundred and seventy-four thousand seven hundred and forty-four, and the first tube cut. The quality inspector will laugh with joy just as much as the buyer who vouches for it with his professional experience.

You get absolutely flat and clean faces even in thick-walled tubes. It is separated cold and machined to achieve very accurate parallelism of cut ends.

Experience totally  burr-free cuts in  all types of metal and wall thicknesses. Whether it’s hard as steel or thin-walled raw material. Diameter from 0.40 mm up to 13.00 mm – we separate with precision close tolerance (+/- 0.02 mm) in any desired length between 0.80 and 400.00 mm.
SMT Präzisionsfeinrohre refines tube surfaces and edges from 0.30 mm. We slide-surface grind using  vibrating and centrifugal machines. Our techniques have been successfully used for years and are as precise as a Swiss watch.

Also, cutting is carried out without any deformation. That’s a  SMT promise!